Discourse analysis and citizen deliberation

A roundtable on discourse analysis as a method in citizen deliberation processes

Organised by The King Baudouin Foundation, research centre DESIRE, and Métrolab Brussels BIP - Brussels Info Place, Wednesday 25 May 2016


14h00 Welcome coffee

14h15 Welcome and introduction Gerrit Rauws, director at the King Baudouin Foundation

14h25 Discourse analysis of the KBS citizen lab on healthcare reimbursements: experiences with the discourse analysis of a deliberative process. Benjamin De Cleen, lecturer Department of Communication Studies VUB

14h50 Discourse analysis and the role of academics in deliberative processes: towards a proposed methodology Mathieu Berger, professor Sociology UCL

15h10 Roundtable 1: Reactions and experience sharing

15h45 Break

16h00 Roundtable 2: the position of discourse analysis and discourse analyst in citizen deliberation processes

16h30 Roundtable 3: from principles to modus operandi

17h00 Conclusions and closing

Roundtable participants: Didier Caluwaerts (VUB), Nico Carpentier (Uppsala, VUB, Desire), Sigurd Dhondt, Laurence Kohn (KCE, Belgian health care knowledge centre), Raf Mertens (KCE, Belgian health care knowledge centre), Christoph Niessen (UCLouvain), Peter Raeymaekers (LyraGen, science writer), Gerrit Rauws (KBS), Stef Steyaert (Levuur), Philippe Vandenbroeck (ShiftN), Leen Van Brussel (VUB, Desire), Tinne Vandensande (KBS)

Organisers: Tinne Vandensande (KBS), Benjamin De Cleen (VUB, DESIRE), Mathieu Berger (UCL, Metrolab Brussels)

Related publication: De Cleen, Benjamin, Berger, Mathieu, Calabrese, Laura, Devisch, Ignaas, Romijn, François & Van Brussel, Leen (2015) Solidarity and the right to health care. A discourse analysis of the citizen lab on the reimbursement of health care treatments. Brussels: King Baudouin Foundation (in Dutch, in French)