Research centre Desire

DESIRE is financed for three years (2014-2017) by the research council of the VUB and was initiated by Nico Carpentier. DESIRE has one Chair, who coordinates the collaboration between the groups at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Univerza v Ljubljani, and Uppsala Universitet. In addition, the VUB, UL, and UU teams each have one Group Chair. Together, the Chair, and Group Chairs form the DESIRE Executive, which is collectively responsible for the management of DESIRE. 

At this point, DESIRE is led by Benjamin De Cleen (Chair and VUB Group Chair), Nico Carpentier (UU Group Chair), and Ilija Tomanic Trivundža (UL Group Chair).

A DESIRE Chair can only hold this office for three consecutive years, which implies that a member of one of the other groups will then become DESIRE Chair. For major decisions regarding DESIRE’s future and policies, the DESIRE Executive consults all DESIRE members. Moreover, the DESIRE Executive transparently reports its main decisions to the DESIRE membership.

After three years, the members of the VUB, UL and UU groups will be invited to (re)affirm their support for the Chair and the Group Chairs (if this Group Chair expresses the wish to continue for another three years). In case of the absence of majority support for the Chair or Group Chair, or in case of the absence of the wish of the Chair or Group Chair to continue, other local team members will be invited to stand for election as Chair or Group Chair and a Chair or Group Chair will be elected by simple majority. The residing Chair or Group Chair can still stand for election. In case there are not sufficient candidates for the three positions, after two calls, DESIRE will be discontinued.