Jernej Amon Prodnik   Silvia Bertolotti   Nico Carpentier (chair)   Yiming Chen


Benjamin de Cleen (VUB group chair)   Derya Yuksek   Karel Deneckere   Vaia Doudaki


Ronald Geerts   Gerrit Loots   Slavko Splichal   Ilija Tomanić Trivundža (UL group chair)


Leen Van Brussel   Žiga Vodovnik   Igor Vobič   Christiana Voniati


Tereza Pavlickova   Boris Mance   Jakob Svensson   Claes Thoren



Claes Thorén is a senior lecturer at Department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University. His research focuses on digitization and how physical and virtual artefacts shape and constitute our lives. His PhD dissertation from 2013 dealt with the organizational impacts of online news. His research uses such theories as new materialism, social ontologies and practice theory. He has used these theories to study, among other things, viral news reporting and the digitization of musical instruments.