Karel DeneckereKarel Deneckere is teaching assistant and PhD student at the Free university of Brussels (VUB). The aim of his PhD is to analyze the media representation of nuclear energy from a historical perspective. He will be mainly applying discourse theoretical analysis (DTA), which combines insights from discourse theory with the methodology of critical discourse analysis. His academic career started as a history student at the university of Ghent (graduated in 2006). His thesis dealt with the newspaper coverage on the daily life in Brussels under the German occupation during WWI. The year after, he studied sustainable development and human ecology at the Free University of Brussels (graduated in 2007). He wrote a thesis on the newspaper coverage of the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl and the subsequent polarization of the societal debate in Belgium. He did an extra master in communication studies at the same university. He graduated in 2010 with a thesis on the democratizing potential of the press in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After some time of job-hopping he went back to academia in 2012. At the university of Antwerp he worked on a project concerning the media representation of the energy issue.

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