Research centre Desire

The objectives of DESIRE, the Centre for the study of Democracy, Signification and Resistance, are structured by its remit.

A first objective is the organization of workshops, seminars and conference panels (objective one). A crucial meeting point is the Euricom seminar, a two-yearly meeting at the Slovene coastal town of Piran that focuses on critical communication and media research, and has been organised by Slavko Splichal in the past decades. Ilija Tomanić-Trivundža and Nico Carpentier organized the 31st edition in 2014, and  Ilija Tomanić-Trivundža and Benjamin De Cleen organised the 2016 Euricom seminar. DESIRE will also organize other workshops and conference panels (for example at the ECREA and IAMCR conferences, in which DESIRE members play important roles) focused on specific shared interests of its members. The Euricom seminar and other workshops and panels provide the backbone of the research group’s activities.

A second objective here is to continue and intensify the efforts to obtain external support for research projects (objective two). These research projects allow funding (joint PhD) researchers, working for these projects.

DESIRE members will continue to publish together, and support each other’s publication efforts (objective three). Here, it is important to mention that several DESIRE members have published in and edited special issues of the journal Javnost – The Public, which is based at the University of Ljubljana and has DESIRE member Slavko Splichal. as its editor-in-chief This journal will continue to form one of the main outlets for joint publication efforts.

DESIRE communicates research and expertise to stakeholders and the public both nationally and internationally, and also explores avenues for alternative forms of research communication, including (collaborative) documentaries and exhibitions also explores avenues (objective four).

Finally, DESIRE aims to strengthen and provide the structure for international mobility of its members, in the form of for example participation in conferences and workshops, teaching exchange, and research visits (objective five).